Six Ideas For Ship Inspection + Artificial Intelligence

- May 09, 2018-

At present, artificial intelligence technology has been widely applied in many industries and fields such as AI chips, AI platforms, intelligent Internet of things, autopilot, machine translation, commerce, manufacturing, law, news, finance, medical care, education, and services, and even Great progress has also been made in the arts of painting, singing and poetry creation. Various types of artificial intelligence interactive media have begun to enter millions of households. In 2017, it became the AI's outbreak year. Many publications such as "The Wall Street Journal", "Forbes" and "Fortune" are called "the first year of artificial intelligence", and humans have begun to enter the era of intelligence. welding overlay fittings


Seize the opportunities brought by the new era, fully use artificial intelligence technology, promote the development of ship inspection technology and service means, and face rare opportunities. At this stage, several ideas for using artificial intelligence technology in the inspection of ships. pipe fittings


R&D drawings assist in the review of intelligent systems. Realize the accurate identification of paper or electronic drawings and data, and connect it with various engineering calculation systems, and use the large data accumulated in the existing multi-year review plans for the deep learning of artificial intelligence systems, and the greatest degree of autonomousness of artificial intelligence systems. Completion of vessel calculations and other drawings review of ship stability, structure, freeboard, tonnage, shafting, short-circuit currents, etc., drafting related manuscripts, and complex judgements performed by the surveyor with the assistance of the system. Surveyors can use artificial intelligence systems to achieve a rapid leap in the efficiency and quality of drawing reviews. ansi flange


R&D site auxiliary inspection intelligent system. Assist the surveyor in completing various aspects of on-site work such as structural arrangement inspection, line inspection, weld appearance inspection, non-destructive flaw detection, equipment installation inspection, marine product verification, internal inspection in the ship, partial ship testing, and shipyard data review. Some of the project inspections can be carried out at the same time as the construction and equipment installation. Some of the projects can also carry out project inspections at night after people have rested, and draft inspection documents after inspection. The surveyor can complete the inspection work with the online and offline method through the remote interaction with the auxiliary inspection robot.piping spool


Research and development of technical standards for intelligent systems. Artificial intelligence is a new driving force for the development of science and technology. The existing technical standard research systems and methods can be upgraded through artificial intelligence. In the current research work on ship inspection technical standards, a large amount of data processing, analysis, operation verification, and even some drafting of documents can be completed by an artificial intelligence system. At the same time, in this process, the artificial intelligence system can continuously learn the experience of people's research methods, so that the accumulation of experience in technical standards research work is no longer entirely dependent on the long-term practical work of researchers, and researchers can get a lot of experience from the beginning Guidance. Through the combination of the existing technology standard research system and artificial intelligence system, the research efficiency and quality of technical standards can be greatly improved, and technological innovation can be realized more quickly.


R&D surveyor training and technical support intelligence systems. Comprehensive use of pattern recognition, natural speech recognition, virtual reality and other technologies to establish a new surveyor training and technical support system. Changes in the existing surveyor training and technical support by the artificial instruction, the master with the apprentice, documents, etc. The main mode, so that the surveyor can get high quality and efficient training and real-time technical support.


Build China Ship Supercomputer Center. In order to realize the efficient application of artificial intelligence systems and simultaneously achieve rapid self-iteration of artificial intelligence systems, the China Ship Supercomputing Center can be established to transfer various types of engineering calculations, information processing, and intelligent services to the computing center and use the next-generation network. Communication technology is linked to each ship inspection worksite, making it an intelligent brain for Chinese ship inspections.


Establish an organized collaboration system. In order to construct various artificial intelligence systems for ship inspections and continue to innovate, it is necessary to collaborate, not only the extensive collaboration within the ship inspection system, but more importantly, the cooperation with various external R&D institutions. The results achieved by organized collaboration must go beyond temporary cooperation and it is necessary to establish a relatively stable collaborative relationship with external scientific research institutions so that the latest scientific and technological development results can be properly applied in the inspection of ships, and the continuous innovation of ship inspection work can be promoted. .