Singapore's 84-year-old Ship Engineer Died In Two Accidents

- Apr 04, 2018-

When the 84-year-old engineer tried to cross from one boat to another, he accidentally crashed into the sea from the gap between the two ships. Shipyards and operations managers were fined 200,000 yuan (Singapore) and 80,000 yuan respectively by the Ministry of Manpower because they did not take the necessary safety measures.


The industrial accident occurred on October 31, 2016 at Bandan River near Bandan Road, 15D, and the deceased was Lin Minghe (84), an engineer at Pan-United. glenflange


According to the Ministry of Manpower's statement, the Pan-European Group berthed two ships in the shipyard of AZ Marine Offshore Services Pte Ltd before the incident and hired the deceased person to take charge of vessel inspection and maintenance work.


The docks of the two ships are some distance away from the shore. The deceased must cross at least four ships to board the Pan-European group's ships. When the deceased attempted to cross one of the ships, he accidentally slipped and fell into the sea from the gap between the two ships.rf flange


The investigation revealed that AZ Marine did not issue any safety instructions before the incident, nor did it install any gangways or other safe passages. Everyone who crossed the vessel had to climb over the ship's side and fender tyres before boarding another one. ferry.


In addition, during the process of crossing the ship, the shipyard did not provide any handrails or trails. The distance between the two vessels was between 0.2 meters and 2 meters. The person who tried to cross the vessel was at risk of falling to the sea at any time. AZ Marine was fined 200,000 yuan for breaching the Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Act (WSH Act) due to lack of safety measures. b16.5 flange


In addition, Su Yingmei (transliteration), who is the operation manager of shipyards, knowing that the deceased was in danger of getting on and off the ship in the same way, was also guilty of breaking the safety and health decree and was fined 80,000 yuan.