Ship Transaction Price Weekly Report

- Apr 27, 2018-


April 23, 2018


The tanker price was slightly weaker this week, especially for the LR 1 model.

The Aframax Zirku (105,800 DWT, manufactured by Hyundai Heavy Industries in June 2003) was traded to Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry for US$10 million and VV was valued at US$10.37 million. The ship will be converted after it is sold.

The Aframax BM Breeze (105400 DWT, manufactured by Sumitomo in June 2008) was sold to Vietnam National Petroleum Corporation for US$18 million and VV was valued at US$19.44 million. 5 year ship inspection expires.

The MR1 chemical product tanker Rosita (38,100 DWT, manufactured by STX Offshore in October 2004) was traded to Matrix Energy for US$10 million and VV was valued at US$99.6 million.

Bulk carrier

This week capesize and panamax bulk carriers were slightly weaker, while the modern Supramax and handymax prices were tightening.

The Capesize Vogerunner (176,800 DWT, made by Namura Shipyard of Japan in December 2008) traded to Korea Line Corp for 24 million U.S. dollars and VV was valued at 24.71 million U.S. dollars. The transaction was completed by the bank.

The panamax Orange Truth (83,100 DWT, produced by Tadotsu Tsuneishi of Japan in May 2006) was traded to Pavimar SA for US$13.8 million and VV was valued at US$14.29 million.

Four Supramax (Supramax) were sold collectively for US$47 million and VV was valued at US$47.77 million. The tonnages of Yangzhou Guoyu Shipbuilding Manufacturing Co., Ltd. manufactured in June and September 2010 were 57,000 DWT E Transporter, Trader, and 2011, respectively. Traveller and Tracer made in January and May. All vessels are subject to inspection.

The Supramax Luminous Halo (56,000 DWT, produced by Mitsui Sanye in March 2006) traded to Nomikos AM for US$12.5 million and VV was valued at US$12.21 million.

Two Supramax (Supramax) were collectively sold for US$19.6 million and VV was valued at US$22.34 million. They were manufactured by Vietnam Halon in January and June 2008 with a tonnage of 53,500 DWT Blue Diamond and White Diamond. 5 year ship inspection expires.

Greek shipping company star bulk acquires bulk carriers, including 5 Newcastlemaxes/capesize, 2 Mini Capesize, 8 Post Panamax/ Kamsarmax With an Ultramax, the average age of the ship is almost 4.5 years, and it is mostly encountered in Korea and Japan.

Container Ship

Both Panamax and Post Panamax container ships have shown a slight weakness this week, while modern Handymax container ships have seen a slight tightening.

The Handymax container ship (Handymax) Vitim (1,730 TEU, Szczecin, New Shipyard, made in August 2008) was sold for US$11 million and VV was valued at US$10.42 million.

The Feedermax container ship Victoria Strait (1,118 TEU, Jiangsu Jinling Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., manufactured in December 2002) traded to CMA Cleveland for 40 million U.S. dollars, and the VV valued at 49.10 million U.S. dollars. Ship inspection expires.


Due to the uncertainty of reopening the shipbreaking point in Pakistan, the price of all boat type demolition was significantly weakened this week.