Sentinel Marine Receives A New ERRV

- Apr 04, 2018-

Sentinel Marine, headquartered in Aberdeen, UK, announced that it has received and delivered a new multi-purpose emergency response and rescue vessel (ERRV).


According to the information, the ship was named "Biscay Sentinel" and was delivered by Guangzhou COSCO Marine Heavy Industry in March of this year. It is expected to arrive in Aberdeen, UK in early May of this year. After joining the Sentinel Marine fleet, it will provide support for the oil and gas industry in the North Sea area. And life-saving services. B16.9 ELBOW


The "Biscay Sentinel" is 62 meters long and is flying the British flag. It is the seventh of the new ERRV vessels of Sentinel Marine. Two other vessels are under construction and are expected to be operational later this year.


Unlike retrofitting existing ships, Sentinel Marine has chosen to invest heavily in creating a new customer-tailored ERRV fleet with the latest marine technology and crew facilities. In addition to performing major tasks such as lifesaving and operations protection, the Sentinel Marine fleet can perform a wide range of tasks, including cargo storage and recovery of oil leaks, rescue towing and dynamic positioning.rf flange