Scrubber Tower Orders Continue To Explode 3500 Ships Are Waiting For Installation

- Nov 28, 2019-

Shipping companies began to invest in washing towers, which caused many shipyards to be too busy. This trend will continue as the sulfur restriction order takes effect on January 1, 2020, as predicted by DNB in the analysis report.

The scrubbing tower is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics in 2018, and the owner's interest in this solution has increased, so the demand has skyrocketed. According to DNB, according to the current order quantity, 2326 vessels are expected to install washing towers by the end of 2019, which is expected to increase to 2522 by the second half of 2020.

According to the statistics of DNB, the order heat in 2019 has cooled, but the number of orders in 2020 is increasing. DNB pointed out that the time is urgent, but the capacity of the shipyard to install the washing tower is limited, so some shipowners have to wait for the sulfur limit order to take effect before installing.

According to J ø rgen Lian, an analyst at DNB markets, most shipowners have made real progress in the scrubber scheme since May and June this year. Since August, an order for 1500 sets of scrubbers to be installed by the end of 2020 has been added. This will also increase the number of scrubbers installed to 2522 by the end of 2020.

According to DNB data, 78% of the washing towers will be installed on the three main ship types of dry bulk carrier, oil tanker and container ship, of which the dry bulk carrier is the most.

Most of the scrubbers will be installed on ships already in operation. Of the 2522 sets of equipment installed by the end of 2020, 1880 are used for refitting and 642 for new shipbuilding.

According to the existing expectation, this figure will continue to rise, and there may be another 1000 sets of scrubber equipment to be completed by 2020, pushing the total to 3500 sets.

According to alphaliner's survey in November, Mediterranean Shipping and EVA shipping are the most keen container liner companies to install washing towers, which will be installed on 120 and 70 own ships or long-term charter ships, respectively. Maersk has yet to say how many will be installed, but its latest report says it plans to invest $80 million in waste gas cleaning equipment.

Many suppliers have said that the scrubber in 2019 has been sold out, and the order quantity in 2020 is also very considerable. Anders skibdal, CEO of pureteq, a scrubber supplier, said: "unfortunately, we have rejected many customers. We also want to satisfy everyone, but we have rejected about half of the current orders. "

BNB pointed out that after the existing orders are all installed in place, the proportion of ships with scrubbers is still very small. There are about 100000 commercial ships in the world, and only 3.7% of them will install washing towers by 2020.