Scrap Ship Market Statistics (2.17-2.23)

- Feb 28, 2018-

Clarkson latest data show that this week the number of shipbreaker 32, a total of 808,192 deadweight tons. In terms of ship types, 3 bulk carriers are 165223 DWT; 8 are oil tankers with a total of 505363 DWT; 1 is a chemical tanker with 46170 DWT total; 1 LPG ship with a total of 13524 DWT; 11, a total of 31298 dwt; other 8 ships, a total of 46614 dwt; according to Clarkson statistics, 2018 so far the world's total dismantling of the ship 4.9 million dwt. Among them, the total number of bulk carriers demolished reached 1.0 million DWT, while the total number of tankers reached 3.1 million DWT. The total number of container ships reached 0.3 million DWT, while that of other ships reached 0.4 million DWT.


The price of bulk carrier recycling was 460 $ / ldt, down 1.08% from last week and up 48.39% from 310 $ / ldt in the same period of last year. The price of ship recycling was $ 435 / ldt, down 1.14% from last week, Up 31.82% from 330 $ / ldt in the same period of last year. The price of container ship recycling was 480 $ / ldt, unchanged from last week's level, up 39.13% from 345 $ / ldt in the same period of last year.glenflange


In 2018, up to now, China has reached a total of 0.1 million deadweight tons of unpacked ships, a total of 1.2 million deadweight tons in India, 0.8 million deadweight tons in Bangladesh and 0.8 million deadweight tons in Pakistan. Other countries have accumulated 1.9 million deadweight tons.glenflange