Scanship Cleaning System Won 4 Supporting Contracts For New Mail Ships

- Dec 10, 2019-

Scanship, a Norwegian ship technology company, recently won a contract from the French Atlantic shipyard (Chantiers de l'atlantisque) for the supply of clean technology systems to mail ships built by the latter. According to the contract, scanship will provide a ship solution for four mail ships under construction at the Atlantic shipyard.

According to the contract, scanship will deliver the advanced wastewater purification system, food waste treatment and supply the whole set of advanced wastewater purification system for the 4th oasis class ship of Royal Caribbean post ship.

Scanship will also supply waste and sewage treatment systems for the 5th meraviglia plus class ship of Mediterranean Shipping and the 3rd and 4th edge class ships of celebrity mail ship. The two new ships of celebrity mail will be put into operation in 2021 and 2022 respectively, and the new ships of Royal Caribbean and Mediterranean Shipping will be delivered in 2023.

In addition, scanship will also deliver some other equipment for celebrity edge, which is in operation, and celebrity apex, which will be put into operation in 2020.

According to Chantiers de l'atlantisque shipyard, the contract also includes alternative contracts. Scanship will also give priority to the fifth celebrity ship to be delivered by celebrity mail ship in 2024 and the fifth oasis ship delivery system to be delivered by Royal Caribbean in 2025.

Henrik Badin, CEO of scanship company, said, "we are very happy to get these contracts, especially happy that our products have entered the cellebrity edge class ship, which we have not touched before, which is also the recognition of our long-term successful cooperation with Chantiers de l'atlantisque shipyard. "

Scanship group and its subsidiary etiaetia achieved an annual revenue of NOK 430 million (US $46.84 million) in 2018, employing 120 employees in Norway, Poland, France and the United States