Samsung Heavy Industry Wins Orders For 2+2 LNG Boats

- Apr 11, 2018-

On April 5, Samsung Heavy Industries announced that it had received an order for 2+2 174,000 cubic meters of LNG from an anonymous overseas shipowner. The first two ships were valued at approximately US$370 million and will be delivered in October 2020. RF flange


Samsung Heavy Industries said that these LNG ships will adopt environmentally friendly and energy-efficient designs that can reduce natural gas evaporation, fuel consumption and nitrogen oxide emissions. The new vessel will be equipped with the Mark-III Flex containment system to reduce the evaporative gas through reliquefaction; it will also be equipped with the safe dual-fuel engine X-DF so that it can be operated with natural gas and diesel fuel. 90 deg elbow


So far, Samsung Heavy Industries has obtained orders for 14 new vessels this year, with a total value of approximately US$1.58 billion. With signs of improvement in the shipbuilding industry, Samsung Heavy Industries plans to focus more on LNG and containerships.


Clarkson expects that the increase in LNG demand in China and other Asian countries will boost the demand for liquefied gas carriers, including 37 ships this year. The order volume of LNG ships will be expected to reach 194 in the next five years. slip on flange