Samsung Heavy Industry Smart Ship Network Security Technology Recognized By ABS

- Mar 28, 2018-

On March 26th, Samsung Heavy Industries’ smart ship solution received ABS network security certification, becoming the world's first intelligent ship network security technology provider. Recognized by ABS means that smart ship operators can now use Samsung Heavy Industries solutions to protect ship data, data networks, and storage from internal and external network attacks. socket flanges


This technology of Samsung Heavy Industry passed a rigorous review of the 16 test items recommended by the American Classification Society, including physical security (theft, fire and other external threats), operating system security, access control, security control and penetration testing, to meet American Society of Ships, Shipbuilding and Marine Industry Network Security Rules and ISO 27000 Series Information Technology Security Control Practice Requirements. According to the US Classification Society, Samsung Heavy Industries’ smart ship solutions can help the next generation of ships fully deal with cyber risks. ecc. reducer


With the increasing opportunities for information exchange between ships and ships, ships and ground equipment, cyber security is increasingly necessary for the shipping industry and the shipbuilding industry. Poor network security may result in data being erased or plagiarized, causing serious business interruptions and inhibiting productivity. DIN2507


Samsung Heavy Industries' smart ship solution aims to improve the efficiency of ships by using real-time data from hull and equipment sensors in cooperation with land-based technologies and fleet management. Real-time data conversion between ships and onshore facilities will help the ship to operate automatically and will bring increasing cybersecurity challenges to the marine and marine industries.


The American Society of Ships said that it will work with Samsung Heavy Industries to promote the research on smart ship shipboard architecture and next-generation network security technology and its onshore fleet management network security structure.