Russia Develops Arctic Sailing Vessels

- Apr 09, 2018-

The Russian Federation’s Nuclear Center-All-Russian Experimental Physics Institute said on the 5th that the center is developing unmanned ships for navigation in the Arctic region. pipe fittings


Russian News Agency today quoted a spokesman for the All-Russian Experimental Physics Research Institute of the Russian Federation’s Nuclear Center as saying that unmanned ships are characterized by more cargo, longer sailing times, and more efficient operations. They are information technologies in the ocean and inland rivers. The most promising applications in shipping.


The spokesperson pointed out that about 60% to 80% of the safety incidents in modern shipping are caused by manipulative mistakes made by the crew. The unmanned ship's navigation, communication and ship condition monitoring are all completed by machinery and equipment, and the crew's life safety protection work is eliminated, which greatly reduces the use cost of the ship, especially in the Arctic region where hydrological geography and weather conditions are complex.weldinng overlay flange


There have been reports previously that Russia will try unmanned ships in 2018 and unmanned ships will be put into operation in 2021.


The Russian Federation’s Nuclear Center-All-Russian Experimental Physics Research Institute is dedicated to solving complex problems in the areas of national defense and national economic development. The first Soviet atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb were developed by the center.