Rotork Actuator Successfully Used In Oil And Gas Flow Control Of Modec Brazilian FPSO

- Mar 27, 2020-

Rotork's electric and hydrodynamic actuators, the world's leading actuator manufacturer and fluid control company, have been installed on modec's new FPSO in Brazil. Customer metroval designates Rotork intelligent iq3 multi turn electric actuator and CP and GP pneumatic actuator to control the plug valve and butterfly valve on FPSO, which will operate in Libra oil field in Santos basin of Atlantic Ocean. The FPSO is expected to produce 180000 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

The actuator controls the oil and gas flow from FPSO to metering system. The accuracy of iq3, CP and GP actuators is the key factor for customers to decide to buy Rotork products. Rotork field service assists the field installation of the actuator by providing valve adaptation, installing the actuator on the valve and commissioning.

Rotork's multi-functional modular CP series pneumatic actuator adopts a spring fork design, which can be used for spring return and double acting configuration. The compact and efficient design of the actuator can produce high output torque up to 4500 nm (39800 LBF. Ft) even at low pressure. Corrosion resistant steel cylinder is made of carbon steel, electroless nickel plated, CP is suitable for class 3 safety integrity (sil3) application, has passed the environmental protection certification of IP 66m / 67m, and has passed the ATEX 2014 / 34 / EU standard explosion-proof.

GP series fork actuator can provide a quarter turn movement for on / off or adjustment. GP offers spring return or double acting versions that produce output torques of up to 600000 nm (5000000 LBF. Ft) for SiL2 and sil3 systems. The standards include ip66m / 67m and ATEX 2014 / 34 / EU certification.

Rotork's intelligent iq3 electric actuator can be used to isolate or adjust tasks up to 60 starts per hour, with a direct torque output range of 14 nm (10 LBF. Ft) to 3000 nm (2200 LBF. Ft). The actuator has advanced data recorder technology, which can record detailed information, including valve torque curve, operation start curve, vibration and temperature trend log and event log. With Rotork's insight 2 software, all data that can be viewed on a dual stack advanced display can be safely transferred to a PC for analysis.