Rollsick Promotes Development Of Autonomous Ship Insurance System In The Future

- May 16, 2018-

Rolls-Royce and AXA signed a letter of intent (LoI) to explore how to combine their respective products to bring new products to the marine market, leveraging Rolls-Royce's marine intelligence systems and equipment and AXA. The risk analysis capabilities support the current navigation and future ship development.

Rolls-Royce Smart Products, including the recently launched Intelligent Awareness System, uses a wide range of sensors and data streams. Based on this, it further cooperates with AXA to further improve the service performance of ships.welding overlay flanges

Karno Tenovuo, Rollo Senior Vice President of Marine Intelligence, said that many of our products are aimed at improving the performance and safety of ships. By cooperating with AXA and combining their ability to control risks, we hope to further improve the customer's operational level. Insurance is an important part of our vision for the future. We are very pleased to cooperate with AXA.

AXA Asia Pacific CEO Etienne Champion said that this cooperation will ensure that we are ready to serve the next shipping era. This cooperation will also accelerate our transition from the "payer" to the partner.

Mathieu Daubin, chief financial officer of AXA Shipping, also stated that, combining AXA's marine underwriting expertise and Rolls-Royce Marine Intelligence, the two companies will provide higher customer value through continuous innovation.

Rolls-Royce Marine Intelligence currently provides IntelliSense, energy and health management products that use data and analytics to support maritime operations and provide new perspectives.

These data can also help AXA carry out risk management, including ship and shell insurance and turbine insurance, as well as new types of products and services to support customers in the turbulent and difficult shipping market. AXA is currently working on insuring auto-driving cars. This knowledge will play a key role in the development of autonomous ship insurance standards.

In recent years, in order to explore the frontier technology research and development of autonomous ships, Rolls-Royce has carried out a series of effective work and has also established cooperative relations with some organizations. Such as:welding overlay flanges

IntelliSense system will integrate data from various sensors and information of existing onboard systems, such as automatic identification system (AIS) and radar, to provide the crew with better awareness of the surrounding environment of the ship through fusion analysis of the data. Degree to make the operation of the ship easier, safer and more efficient. It is an important part of the further research and development of remote automatic unmanned ships. The IntelliSense system is based on the experience of global R&D work, benefiting from Rolo's extensive experience gained from the Advanced Unmanned Ship Application Development Program (AAWA) project. . The AAWA project began in June 2015 and is funded by the Finnish National Technology Agency (TEKES). At the Stella, a 65-meter-long homogeneous ferry in Finferries, Rolls-Royce has conducted a series of sensor array tests under various operating environments and climatic conditions. The "Stella" sails on the Archipelago on the southwest coast of Finland, between Korpo and Houtskär.

Rolls-Royce and the Finnish VTT Technical Research Center established a strategic partnership to design, test and validate first-generation remote-controlled and autonomous ships. The joint venture with VTT will help Rolls Royce evaluate the performance of remote and autonomous ships through conventional ship model test pools and digital simulations, which will help the company develop fully functional, safe and reliable prototypes.

Rolls-Royce opened a research institute in Turku, Finland, to develop the future global shipping industry driverless technology. The new unmanned ship R&D center includes a remote and autonomous experience space designed to showcase the company’s unmanned ship technology and development stage technologies. Anne Berner, Minister of Transport of Finland, said that the opening of the Rolls-Royce R&D Center will help us achieve the goal of national digital traffic. The new R&D center enables Rolls-Royce and its partners to develop projects such as autonomous navigation, development of land-based control centers, and use of artificial intelligence in future remote and autonomous transportation operations. Karro Tenovuo, senior vice president of Rolls-Royce, said that the center will fully focus on the development of solutions that will enable the maritime industry to transition to the digital age.