Rolls-Royce Supplies MTU Engines For Four New Tugboats

- May 09, 2018-

Rolls-Royce recently received an order to supply the MTU engine for the four newly built tugboats for Hamburg's South American subsidiary, Aliança Navegação. pipe spooling


It is reported that Hamburg South America's entire Brazilian tugboat fleet has used a 16-cylinder MTU 4000 series propulsion system. The fleet has a total of 7 port tugboats, of which 2 have been deployed at São Francisco and 5 other tugboats are under construction. ansi flange


Rolls-Royce has delivered the MTU 4000 series engines to the Detroit shipyard in Brazil since 2010 for a variety of port tugboats and platform supply vessels. The shipyard is currently constructing the above-mentioned tugboats. These engines will be installed on new tugboats at the shipyard in Itajai, Brazil. 90 deg elbow