Rolls-Royce Hybrid Propulsion System First Won The Tugboat Contract

- Feb 11, 2018-

Rolls-Royce will supply the company's first hybrid propulsion technology to the tugboat sector, installing a hybrid propulsion system for a multi-purpose towing tug under construction at owner BaydeltaMaritime LLC. It is reported that the new ship is being built in Washington Nichols Brothers Shipyard.


The order represents the first hybrid hybrid to use Rolls-Royce hybrid technology and was the first hybrid system to be installed at the Nichols Brothers Shipyard and the first hybrid tug to be designed by Jensen Maritime, a Seattle-based subsidiary of CrowleyMaritime.


Rolls-Royce will supply all of the motor, shaft generator sets and power management and control systems that provide power to the US255 azimuth thrusters and catheter fixed-pitch propellers, optimizing maneuverability and propulsion, improving defense Collision ability.


The 100-foot-long tugboat will have the same ship assistance and tanker rescue capabilities as the existing port-class harbor tug, but its towing performance is greatly enhanced. The Rolls-Royce hybrid system enhances towing performance and provides assistance for very large container ships on the west coast of the United States.


Erik Larsen, Rolls-Royce's vice president for tugboat and fishing operations Americas, said: "This order is especially important because it marks the first time our hybrid system has been used for tugboats."

JensenMaritime's new tugboat for Baydelta will have 90 short tons of bollard pull, 71,000 liters of fuel and 4,300 liters of fresh water to accommodate up to eight crew members.