Rolls-Royce Consider Selling Merchant Shipping Business

- Jan 19, 2018-

Rolls-Royce Group said on the 18th, as part of the company's business restructuring, is considering the sale of its merchant shipping business. The Rolls-Royce Group's merchant marine business is mainly focused on the areas of support and design. Since 2015, the business of the Rolls-Royce Group has been hit hard by the downturn in the oil and gas industry with a 30% reduction in the maritime sector. glenflange


Rolls-Royce consider selling merchant shipping, mainly due to investor pressure, the current Rolls-Royce's merchant business dragged down the business, the management is under pressure to consider the sale is helpless, and GE will be sold a few big drag hind legs together The same way. Rolls-Royce shares rose 5% immediately after Warren East, chief executive of Rolls-Royce, announced plans to sell the merchant.


Rolls-Royce's merchantability and design capabilities, while less profitable in the market weaker markets, are still world-class and some are monopolized. It is not yet clear whether Chinese companies have a chance to bid.