Rivertrace Launches Smart ESM Wash Water Monitor

- Apr 26, 2018-

To ensure compliance with global SOx emission limits, Rivertrace recently introduced the Smart ESM wash water monitor, which offers open loop, closed loop, and hybrid scrubber systems the ability to measure and record PAH, turbidity, temperature, and pH. (pH).


The Smart ESM wash water monitor is suitable for both the inlet of a wet exhaust gas purification system and the outlet of a wet exhaust gas purification system. The monitor is fully compliant with the 259(68) Resolution of the 68th Committee of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and is designed to ensure reliable compliance with global SOx emission limits.elbows LR


Mike Coomber, general manager of Rivertrace, stated, “We are very excited to introduce the latest innovative product Smart ESM wash water monitor. The global sulfur limit in 2020 is an important milestone for our industry and we are very pleased to make a positive contribution to ensure that we reduce shipping. Continuous enforcement of new regulations on the harmful effects of the environment." welding overlay flange


The Smart ESM wash water monitor is equipped with a 10-inch touch screen that provides historical digital screen graphics in real-time data as well as hourly, daily, or weekly. Washwater monitoring data can be automatically transmitted via email to maintain accurate records. The monitor will also provide automatic cleaning of the optical path to ensure continuous accuracy. Rivertrace's Smart ESM wash water monitor will support all washing systems and includes a wide selection of built-in analog and digital outputs. EN pipe fittings