Responsibility For Installation

- Aug 29, 2017-

Responsibility for installation

GLEN takes on the supervision on your construction site and the installation of high-quality stainless

steel, corrosion resistant piping components and vessels.

Our installation service guarantees you:

•The comprehensive expertise of our experienced staff

•A high level of quality

•Reliable, customer-oriented and smooth project completion

•Flexibility on the construction site

In countless projects all around the world, we have been responsible for installing piping systems to this

very day, including for the construction of pulp and paper mills, for gas tanker projects in the shipbuilding

industry, for bio-diesel plants and for the building of waste water treatment plants.

The combination of pipe and vessel construction, of CAD planning and cost-saving prefabrication up to

arranging the installation bundles responsibility and increases the cost-effectiveness of your project.