Rescue 7 Chinese Crewmembers - Day 4 Of The Malaysian Shipwreck

- Mar 26, 2018-

The three were rescued on the 21st, and the two were rescued on the 23rd. The two victims were one found on the 21st and one found on the 24th (female). The five survivors and the two victims were Chinese sailors.


In addition, the search and rescue personnel found two bodies in the nearby waters, but it was not possible to confirm whether the two bodies were crew members of the crashed ship.glenflange


Deputy Director of Operation South Malaysia Mali Law Enforcement Office Sarnifa said on the 24th that the search and rescue operation of the overturning dredger has reached the fourth day. The search and rescue team currently confirms that 7 people are crew members, namely the 5 survivors who have been rescued, and 2 The dead found in the boat. Two other bodies that were captured outside the ship had yet to be identified. This also includes two bodies that were captured on the morning of the 24th. One of the bodies was identified as a Chinese female crew member. She was found in the bedroom of the boat and the bedroom was full of seawater.


It is understood that the two survivors who participated in the rescue of the Guangzhou Salvage Bureau diver were found in the pumping bay of the dredging boat that afternoon. The two were found awake and the divers later rescued them from the cabin. Two salvage crews were still observed in the hospital and their health status was stable.


At present, search and rescue operations continue. From the feedback from the rescue center, the diver will continue to search around the engine compartment. It is understood that due to the narrow passageway of the engine room, the fact that there are more compartments and some of the doors are difficult to open under water pressure, the rescue will be difficult. At the same time, since the afternoon of the 23rd, the local area has started to rain, and the weather Whether the changes will increase the difficulty of rescue is still unknown.