Radio Holland And Jumbo Shipping Renew MSA Contract For 4 Years

- Feb 28, 2020-

Radio Holland recently renewed its MSA contract with jumbo shipping.            

Radio Holland's MSA includes: safe and efficient transportation, always running navcom equipment, including annual equipment health checks, customized maintenance programs, and plans and budgets for the agreed period.            

It is reported that the renewal contract of jumbo shipping company involves four ships for four years. By outsourcing all navcom services to the technicians of radio Holland company, the trouble of managing multiple suppliers is minimized. Previous contracts mainly focused on radar and gyroscope equipment. The new contract covers the whole range of navigation and communication equipment, and adds key equipment on board, such as VDR, INMARSAT C system, speed log, echo detector and autopilot.           

In order to further optimize the service management of onboard equipment, jumbo also decided to add mandatory inspections and investigations to the MSA contract, including the SBM certificate of Dutch radio. The renewal of the service contract is a fixed amount every year or every quarter, which means that Jumbo has a clear financial plan. The four vessels involved in the contract are fairlift, stellaprima, fairmaster and jumbo kinetic.