Quality Pipes

- Aug 29, 2017-

Quality pipes

Frequently the longitudinally welded GLEN pipe is the base product and the main element in

prefabricated pipelines. As an approved pipe manufacturer we are able to produce both small

and big quantities either from coil and from plate, thereby offering you extensive flexibility.

Our skills lie in forming, welding and materi- als technology and in quality assurance.

Since prefabrication of the pipes and vessels already takes place in the production plant, it is

characterised by improved product quality.

The use of high-quality raw materials in line with the requirements of the project and product,

the pipes we manufacture ourselves and our carefully chosen fittings, flanges and special

components guarantees you first-class workmanship – even with complex piping systems.

We will realise the specific requirements of your project:

•Limited tolerances

•Special sizes

•Processing of special materials