Alfa Laval ballast water system first IMO new type certification

- Feb 09, 2018-

Alfa Laval's PureBallast 3 ballast water treatment system has become the first ballast water treatment system to have been modified to IMO type-approval rules.


It is reported that the new G8 guidance rules have more stringent testing requirements, IMO IMO Marine Environmental Protection Committee in 2016 has been approved and will soon become a mandatory standard. Alfa Laval was certified by the DNV GL classification agency on behalf of the Norwegian Maritime Authority as an upgraded version of the IMO Type Approval and New Guidance Rules.


Anders Lindmark, Principal at PureBallast Ballast Water Systems, said, "This is why it is a top priority for Gfa to certify Alfa Laval as our customers need ballast water treatment systems for the future. It is entirely possible to believe that the PureBallast 3 ballast water treatment system can deliver the performance required to ensure that new regulatory requirements are met and our environment is protected. "


PureBallast 3 hardware meets the new certification requirements with the addition of a single sensor, with no change in system power consumption or traffic.glenflange


The strict G8 guidelines are intended to be more compliant with the strict US Coast Guard requirements. It is understood that PureBallast 3 ballast water treatment system hardware can only meet the new certification requirements with an additional sensor, while the system power consumption and flow unchanged.