Production Technology

- Aug 29, 2017-

GLEN invests continuously in its manufacturing facilities. Based on our long-standing experience and comprehensive craftmanship we always use state-of- the-art technology. Hence reproducible product quality for your specific purposes is guaranteed.We coordinate suitable production processes with the customer. To optimise quality, our methods include minimising the amount of welding to be done on the installation site, for example by

•Integrated bending instead of welding of elbows

•Using pipe branches instead of welding tees

Make use of the various types of machining offered by our production center for special tolerances in welded constructions for mechanical engineering:

•Turning up to Ø 1 200 mm and up to 6 m lengths

•Milling up to l 14,0 m / h 3,2 m / w 1,5 m

•Simultaneous five axis CNC cutters

•Laser cutting

•Plasma cutting

•Water jet cutting

First-class processing, a high degree of automation and well-qualified staff ensure top quality work.

Our staff implement the stringent requirements of numerous customers, e. g. AREVA, BayerCropScience, CMGT / Petrobras, Flint Hills and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems.