Princess Cruise Global Bidding For Disinfection Of The Whole Ship Diamond Princess

- Feb 28, 2020-

          Despite the occurrence of novel coronavirus infection, Princess Cruise is still confident about the future operation of the diamond princess. At present, Princess Cruise is recruiting cleaning and disinfection enterprises for "Diamond Princess" worldwide, and plans to resume operation on April 29.            Princess Cruise's official website information shows that the company is conducting a global "bidding" to find the most professional ship cleaning and disinfection company. Companies with corresponding capabilities and requirements need to submit plans before February 26, 2020. It is expected that cleaning work will start after all crew members and passengers disembark and ship quarantine.            "The safety and well-being of all guests and crew is our most important consideration," said Jan Swartz, global president of Princess Cruises. Therefore, we are looking for a suitable cleaning company to cooperate in the thorough disinfection of the diamond princess. In order to accomplish this task, the cleaning company must have significant cleaning and disinfection related work experience, and be able to use the well-known cleaning and disinfection products provided by virox, and the company also needs to be equipped with professional personal protective equipment. "            Nagin Kamali, director of public relations of Princess Cruise, said that under the guidance of CDC and who, the "Diamond Princess" will be fully disinfected by professional cleaning companies. After that, the cruise ship will enter the dry dock for a period of time before resuming service.            As a 115875 ton luxury cruise ship, the diamond princess is like a giant hotel and resort floating on the sea. It needs to be cleaned and disinfected in many places, including the full replacement of all towels in the cabin (including towels, face towels, bath towels), bedsheets, mattress covers, mattresses, pillows, duvets, shower curtains, carpets, curtains and indoor exhibits ; all corridors and railings, handlebar room service storage room and general service area; kitchen, storage room, tableware, catering area, entertainment area; public facilities area (including shops, spa and salon, fitness center, etc.), electrical room, staff cabin, deck and railings, handlebar medical center.            In addition, the cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning system and ventilation equipment, air conditioning system (including fan room, pipeline, pipeline), all navigation, hotel and operation equipment and any other local communication that needs to be carried out after assessment shall be included in the cleaning scope.            Kamali said the "Diamond Princess" is currently preparing for the resumption of operations on April 29 to coincide with the celebration of Japan's golden week (April 29 to May 5 each year). According to reports, Princess Cruise is working with the Ministry of health, labor and welfare of Japan to determine the final isolation plan for the staff who are still stranded on the ship and do not intend to leave by charter flight in Japan.            Novel coronavirus has been diagnosed by 70 crew members in the diamond princess, according to data released by the International Transport Workers Union (ITF). According to ITF, all remaining crew members, mainly Filipinos and Indonesians, will start disembarking and returning home in the next few days after obtaining the princess cruise license. Princess Cruise has approved a total of 1004 crew members from more than 40 countries to disembark on February 21.            There are 2666 passengers and 1045 crew members on the diamond princess, most of whom are Japanese (1285). Since February 19th, the novel coronavirus on board has been tested negative and asymptomatic passengers have been disembarked, and 970 passengers who were qualified to get off the boat on the 3 day were disembarked. Among them, Japanese passengers can go home directly, while most overseas passengers need to be isolated for another 14 days after returning by chartered plane.            As of February 23, the Ministry of health, labor and welfare confirmed that the total number of confirmed cases of "Diamond Princess" had reached 691, and the proportion of infection among the total 3711 passengers and crew of the cruise ship had reached nearly 19%. In addition, four Japanese passengers in their 80s have died of illness.            In addition, among the passengers disembarking from the ship, many people have confirmed the infection. Among them are two Japanese women in their 60s, 18 American, 6 Australian, 4 British, 2 Israeli and 5 Hong Kong Chinese.