Prefabricated Piping For Every Use

- Aug 29, 2017-

A large number of industries are convinced of the high product quality and the considerable potential savings our prefabrication offers:

•Chemical and petrochemical industry

•Water and waste water industry

•Oil and gas industry

•Drilling and well construction technology

•Energy and environmental technology

•Pulp and paper industry

•Nuclear and conventional power station technology

•Shipbuilding technology

•Aerospace technology

Your added value at GLEN:

•Approved in-house welding technology

•Detailed planning using 3D models, isometric drawings and static load calculations as preliminary service

•Customized project documentation

•Accredited laboratory

•Optimum logistics services for international transport

•Quick availability of raw materials through own pipe production

•Forming capabilities including wall thicknesses of up to 80 mm

•Reduction of field welds up to 80 %

•Optimum pipe fit-up in case of field welds by special calibration of pipe ends 

In short: 

prefabricated piping components guarantee you high quality, speedy installation and cost reductions (in investment and lifecycle costs).