Polaris Tanker Tanker Joins Navig8 Pool (pipe Spooling)

- Feb 02, 2018-

South Korean oil company Polaris Tanker announced that it has added two of its tankers to the Alpha8 Pool operated by Navig8.


The company said it has put two Afrara tankers built in 2018 into the pool. The two vessels are 129918 cubic meters of "Polar Ace" and "Polar Bright".glenflange


Polaris Tanker said the two vessels were built by South Korea's Daehan Shipbuilding and are based in the Marshall Islands. Polar Ace and Polar Bright will be delivered in February and August 2018 respectively.


Including the two newbuildings, the Alpha8 Pool pool at Navig8 currently contains 18 tankers.glenflange