Polaris Shipping Refit Bulk Carriers Uncovered 22 Changes

- Mar 28, 2018-

Recently, the hull inspection report issued by Polaris Shipping, a Korean shipping company, has become the focus of attention in the industry. A modified vessel of the company was recently discovered 22 unauthorised modifications.


The Korea Marine Fisheries Department confirmed in a special ship inspection conducted on the "Stellar Eagle" round that there were 22 unapproved modifications to the cargo hold structure.


According to the Korean Ship Safety Law, the owner of a ship must obtain approval for all alterations to the ship's structure before the ship is refitted.90 deg elbow


It is reported that the "Stellar Eagle" was built in 1993. The ship is the same as the previously sunk Stellar Daisy.

It is an oil tanker converted ore carrier. Previously, the "Stellar Daisy" wheel sank and sank on March 31, 2017, resulting in the death of 22 of the 24 crew members on board. After the "Stellar Daisy" wheel sank, another large-scale Ordnance ship "Stellar Unicorn" of Polaris Shipping was found to have cracks in the hull of the hull, resulting in small-scale leakage.slip on flange


Subsequently, Polaris Shipping urgently launched a special plan to instantly check all the ships the company currently operates. According to the latest survey results, the company was asked to send the Capesize bulk carrier in question to China to take corrective measures. Once completed, the Korea Marine Fisheries Department will re-inspect the vessel.


In addition, the Korea Marine Fisheries Department also stated that it will inspect other other types of ships to check whether there are similar defects on other converted ships.

Up to now, 28 ships of Polaris Shipping have received departmental inspections, some of which were ordered to be dismantled after structural failure investigations.glenflange