PBES Battery Systems Awarded Finland's First Power Ferry Contract

- Jan 30, 2018-

Lithium-ion battery specialist PBES will supply the battery system to Finland's first specially constructed electric-powered ferry.


According to reports, the PBES company will install a 1MW power battery for the "Elektra" electric ferry, which launches in June 2017. glenflange


Grant Brown, vice president of marketing for PBES, said, "Our energy storage provides clean, quiet and petroleum-free power for our electric ferry, and our patented CellCool technology allows the battery to be fully charged in less than 5 minutes , Refurbished and upgraded as the battery life expires, reducing the amount of e-waste generated using PBES CellSwap. "


The "Elektra" is 98 meters long, 15 meters wide and 3.55 meters draft. It has a five-car garage for 90 cars and serves a 1.6-kilometer route. In winter, the ship will carry ancillary power generation equipment, charging the batteries when needed.glenflange


In the past 2017, PBES installed more than 15 MW of energy storage for the global marine market, becoming the industry leader in deliveries. The PBES energy storage system has the highest performance and safety standards and is designed to seamlessly integrate with on-board power installations.