Oteko Orders Two Damen ASD 3010 Ice-class Tugboats

- Apr 17, 2018-

Oteko Group has been established for more than 25 years and is a diversified holding company. It is the first company in Russia that can provide comprehensive railway loading and unloading services for oil and gas transportation. With the development of the railway industry, the Oteko Group was not satisfied with this and began to participate in the construction of the Taman Port transfer station, and ordered two Damen ASD 3010 ice-class tugboats to support the construction process. 90 deg elbow LR


Oteko Group's CFO Gaspard Boot said: “Although the port is located in the non-frozen waters of the Black Sea coast, Oteko Group took into account possible risks and decided to purchase ice-class tugboats just in case.” “Oteko is a Russian stevedoring leader and provides customers with Quality service, which means the use of high-quality, high-efficiency facilities. Damen's high level of quality and the ability to deliver quickly are important reasons for Oteko Group's decision-making." but welding fittings