Optimarin Delivered 60 Ballast Water Systems Last Year With Record High Performance

- Feb 26, 2018-

Optimarin, a specialist in ballast water treatment in Norway, said a few days ago that 2017 was the best year for the company to deliver over 60 sets of Optimarin ballast water systems (OBS) that meet US Coast Guard requirements.


In addition, Optimarin's pre-tax profit was healthy and continued to be invested, providing a solid platform for continued growth.glenflange


Tore Andersen, Chief Executive Officer of Optimarin, said: "Our system was the first to receive US Coast Guard approval at the end of 2016. With great flexibility in operation around the world, coupled with our extensive retrofitting experience, these are ships The main reason why East chose us is that we have retrofitted more than 130 systems. "


So far, with the 2017 order, the company has now sold 550 systems and delivered around 440 systems worldwide, with sales to increase substantially in the coming years.glenflange