October 2017 Global Shipbuilding Monthly Report

- Jan 19, 2018-

1, the world signed 43 new orders, dwt increased by 102%


According to Clarkson latest statistics, in October 2017 the world signed 43 new orders, a total of 3919930 dwt. Compared with 84 new orders signed in September 2017 in the world, totaling 11,851,550 deadweight tons, the number of vessels decreased by 41 vessels and the carrying capacity of dwt dropped by 66.93% from the previous quarter. Compared with the newly signed 53 orders of the world in October 2016 for a total of 1,934,402 DWTs, the number of vessels decreased by 10 units and the number of DWTs increased by 102.69% as compared with the same period of last year. glenflange


From the ship point of view, the bulk carrier 18, a total of 3453500 dwt; container ship 8, a total of 14784 TEU; liquefied gas boat 4, a total of 516000 cubic meters; 6 marine vessels, a total of 52326CGT; other ships 7 , A total of 82382CGT. In terms of order types, the bulk carriers newly signed 7 VLOCs, 4 Capesize bulk carriers, 2 Kamsar bulk carriers, 4 Handymax bulk carriers and 1 handymax bulk carrier Container ships newly signed 8 handy container ships.


From January to October 2017, 752 new vessels orders were received globally, amounting to 5,2606572 DWT. Compared with the newly signed 709 vessels in January-October 2016, totaling 26949344 DWTs, the numbers of vessels and DWTs respectively increased by 6.06% % And 95.21%. From the ship point of view, the bulk carrier 175, a total of 20809923 dwt; oil tankers 114, a total of 20503097 dwt; chemical ship 83, a total of 2639502 dwt; container ship 64, a total of 584316 TEU 38 liquefied gas carriers, totaling 3494800 cubic meters, 126 marine vessels totaling 831165 CGTs and 152 other vessels totaling 3628436 CGTs. From the perspective of the country, China newly signed 270 new orders, totaling 5912178 CGTs; Japan signed 82 new orders, totaling 1752723 CGTs; and South Korea's newly signed orders of 143 vessels totaling 5390048 CGTs. The revised gross tonnage accounted for 33.48% of the global orders for new vessels, 9.93% % And 30.53%.glenflange