Norwegian Shipping Companies Set Up 7Mountains Maritime

- Feb 23, 2018-

Recently, the Norwegian shipping company Jebsens and Seatrans teamed up to form a third-party ship management joint venture - 7Mountains Maritime. A spokesman for the new company said that the joint venture to set up a new company is to respond to the rapid growth of Asian shipping companies. glenflange


In a joint statement, Jebsens and Seatrans CEO said: "We are seeing tremendous opportunities in the industry to be increasingly challenged by the major Asian ship management companies." In the new company, we will use years of experience and expertise To small and medium-sized shipping companies seeking welfare. At 7Mountains Maritime, we will provide our customers with solutions that they themselves use to contribute to the better operation of shipping companies. "












































































The new company will be headquartered in Bergen, a city surrounded by seven mountains.