Norton Shipping And Kvasir Reach New Biofuel Cooperation

- Dec 10, 2019-

Recently, Norton shipping has entered into a partnership with kvasir technologies, a derivative technology of the Danish University of technology, which can produce fuel from plant materials.

"We want to move the shipping industry towards a cleaner future," said Henrik R ø jel, fuel efficiency and decarbonization manager at Norton shipping. "If we are going to make a difference, then testing alternative fuels is the right place to start."

"We are very welcome to work with kvasir as part of our goal to be a leader in the decarbonisation agenda and because companies need to think outside the box when thinking about future solutions.".

Using new methods

Kvasir technologies focuses on transforming the part of biotin called lignin and using it in fuel production. Lignin is usually regarded as waste and discarded without use, but it is easy to obtain and large in quantity, and has high scalability compared with other raw materials.

There are many ways to convert biomass into liquid fuel. Unlike most other technologies, kvasir's technology can stand out and transform not only cellulose but also lignin into liquid biofuel products.

"The project will prove that our biofuels are suitable for fuel use and further accelerate technology development," said Joachim Bachmann Nielsen, chief executive of kvasir technologies

Now we need to change

Norton shipping's interest in partnerships of this nature stems from the company's growing desire to make transportation more sustainable. Therefore, the company has a high priority to find better and more environmentally friendly alternatives than fossil fuels, which has rich experience in biofuel testing. In September 2018, Norton shipping became the first shipping company to test a large ocean going vessel powered by CO2 neutral biofuels.

Henrikr ø jel added: "Norton shipping wants to be a leader in this pilot phase and help collect data that is expected to have a positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions and help the industry achieve the ambitious 2050 target set by the international maritime organization." "In order to be a leader, Norden is assisting in the testing and development of biofuels on its own ships and is committed to making biofuels a standard for long-term charter ships."

Fully supported cooperation

In the 3.5-year cooperation, a comprehensive test of kvasir fuel will be carried out later on one of the ships of Norton shipping, in order to make people better understand the characteristics of biofuels and prove their suitability for future use. Norton will continue to share its broad views on the ship's handling and the characteristics necessary for fuel to become viable and operational.

The biofuel collaboration between Norton shipping and kvasir technologies is part of the shippinglab, an industry joint initiative to develop Denmark's capabilities in digital, autonomous transportation and environmentally friendly technologies. Shippinglab is supported by the Danish innovation fund, the Danish Maritime fund, the Oriental Foundation and lauritsen Fontein.

Magnus Gary, project director of shippinglab, said: "of course, Denmark is regarded as a leading country in green technology transportation and development, and the cooperation between Norton shipping and kvasir technologies is a good example, and we are very happy to provide support."