Nippon Yusen For 26 Consecutive Years Was Selected Japan's - Annual Cruise

- Mar 06, 2018-

Nippon Yusen for 26 consecutive years was selected Japan's "annual cruise"

The cruise ship "AsukaII", owned and operated by Nippon Yusen Kawabata, was recently named the 2017 Cruise of the Year, the 26th consecutive year for the vessel and its predecessor, the Asuka.


It is reported that Japanese magazine "cruise" readers every year to vote for the favorite boat, and share the reason for the election. In 2017, "AsukaII" won the honors of "Best Japanese Flagship" and "Best Overall Ship". In fact, the Nippon Post & Ship's Asuka cruise line has won the annual "Cruise Line of the Year" honors since its first launch in 1992.


According to readers of the magazine, the reasons for the selection of the vessel in 2017 include "an international atmosphere of peace on board" and "the polite response and service provided on board is always perfect." Many readers emphasize the modern interior of the ship, called the delicate atmosphere, and meticulous service.