Navios Acquisition Completes Sale And Leaseback Of 4 MR Product Tankers

- Apr 24, 2018-

According to foreign media reports, the tanker shipowner and operator Navios Maritime Acquisition has completed the sale and leaseback agreements for four MR product tankers for debt repayment. pipe fittings


The company said it has signed four MR product tanker agreements with an undisclosed Chinese company, with a total transaction volume of $71.5 million. According to VesselsValue data, the company is a leasing company.


According to reports, in late March of this year, Navios Maritime Acquisition announced the sale of four MR product tankers “Nave Atria”, “Nave Aquila”, “Nave Bellatrix” and “Nave Orion” wheels. Navios Acquisition stated that the proceeds will be used to offset the $69.25 million in debt. welding overlay


It is understood that the Navios Acquisition fleet currently operates more than 30 ships.