Name Of Costa's First LNG Powered Luxury Cruise

- Feb 28, 2020-

           On February 22, Costa Smeralda held the naming ceremony of its first LNG powered luxury liner, Costa Smeralda, in savona, Italy.            The godmother of Costa Smeralda was Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, who, under the witness of captain Paolo benini, had a traditional "champagne knocking" ceremony to cut ribbon for the cruise ship.            "Costa Smeralda", built by Meyer Turku, a Finnish shipyard, was delivered at the end of last year. This is the largest cruise ship in Costa's fleet and the first LNG powered cruise ship. At the same time, it is the largest cruise ship ever built by Meyer Turku shipyard, which will be one of the top ten cruise ships in the world.            "Costa Smeralda" has a total tonnage of about 180000 tons, a capacity of 6518 passengers, a crew of 1682, and a number of passenger cabins of 2612. "Costa Smeralda" will be designed as "homage to Italy". Many places on the ship are named as famous landmarks in the country. In addition, more than 2600 guest rooms are provided with furniture, lighting and accessories by Italian companies. "Costa Smeralda" integrates the design concepts of many art masters, ingeniously integrates Italian style passion and Mediterranean romance, and each deck is themed with different Italian cities, striving to create a beautiful "maritime country".            Costa Smeralda is known as "smart city in travel" because it adopts the concept of sustainable technology and circular economy to reduce environmental footprint and support sustainable navigation.            With its LNG based propulsion system, Costa Smeralda is able to eliminate emissions of sulfur oxides and particulates, while significantly reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide. The ship is equipped with a special desalination device, which can directly process seawater to meet the daily water supply demand, and reduce the energy consumption to the minimum with the help of intelligent energy management system.            Michael Thamm, CEO of Costa group, said: "we are committed to being the first cruise company to propose environmental protection innovation and play a leading role in sustainable cruise in the cruise industry. We are the first company to invest in LNG powered ships and are currently working on other sustainable technologies such as battery storage, fuel cells and liquefied gas for renewable energy. "            Costa group is the first cruise operator in the world to take the lead in using LNG propulsion system, and has ordered 5 LNG powered cruise ships. Among them, aidanova of Aida cruises and Costa Smeralda of Costa cruises have been put into use. According to the fleet expansion plan of Costa group, there will be seven new cruise ships delivered for operation by 2023, with a total investment of more than 6 billion euros (about 6.5 billion US dollars).            "Costa Smeralda" will start operation on December 21, 2019, starting from savona and opening its first voyage to Marseille, Barcelona, Parma, chivitavecchia and laspezia.            In addition, in February this year, Meyer Turku has launched the hull assembly work of Costa Toscana, the second LNG powered luxury liner of Costa cruises.