Multi-purpose Ship Market Situation Is Optimistic In 2018

- Apr 11, 2018-

As demand increases, contraction of shipping capacity and reduction of competitive threats make the market recover further. It is expected that the market of multi-purpose vessels will continue to rise since 2018. RF flange


Drewry, a shipping consultancy company, recently stated that in the past few years, the multi-purpose ship shipping market has continued to be in a sluggish state, including groceries and project cargoes, but the current market recovery conditions have matured. At present, there is an increasing demand for cargo on the market. As ships of older age, smaller size, and lower capacity of heavy lifting are eliminated, the fleet size of multi-purpose vessels is further shrinking. It is expected that market conditions will gradually improve. DIN2605-1 ELBOW


Susan Oatway, chief analyst of Deloitte Multipurpose Vessels, said that the multi-purpose ship market has begun to regain optimism this year and the market has finally reached a turning point. It is expected that there will be a steady growth of around 2-3% in the future freight rates.


However, due to the diversification of drivers in the multi-purpose ship industry, there are still some concerns in the market that may affect the medium-term outlook of the market. welding overlay


Among them, ships with heavy lifting capacity of less than 100 tons affecting the entire fleet have started to decrease. However, DeLuri believes that the future multi-purpose ship market will be the dominant ship type with a heavy lifting capacity of over 100 tons.


Oatway said that in the past five years, 80% of newly-built multi-purpose vessels had heavy lifting capacity of more than 100 tons, while the proportion of multi-purpose vessels with heavy lifting capacity of more than 100 tons is still at 70%. Until the order of these project carrier ships reverses the overall downward trend of the multi-purpose ship, the fleet size of this type of ship will continue to grow.pipe fittings