MSC Shipping: LNG Is Not The Fuel Choice To Deal With Sulfur Restriction Order

- Dec 02, 2019-

MSC confirmed that LNG is not a viable fuel option for the impending IMO 2020 sulfur limitation order.

According to bud DARR, MSC's executive vice president for maritime policy and government affairs, MSC will choose low sulfur fuel and exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS) to comply with IMO 2020.

DARR said at the recent Lufthansa 2019 forum that due to the Limited LNG filling facilities available at the port, LNG is not a viable option for MSC. "We have invested extensively in the latest low-carbon technologies to reduce fuel consumption and improve our energy efficiency. In addition, we constantly monitor environmental performance and take many operational measures to further reduce carbon dioxide emissions and meet the new regulations and goals set by the international maritime organization. "

According to alphaliner, MSc is the leader in the installation of scrubbers and has identified about 250 vessels for installation, almost half of the company's fleet.

DARR pointed out that to decarbonize the shipping industry, there is no one way to solve all the problems, and more solutions are needed to make the container shipping industry achieve low carbon emissions by 2050.

IMO said the goal set by IMO is to reduce carbon emissions by half by 2050, which requires innovative solutions to meet the demand for alternative fuels and further development of low-carbon technologies in ship building.