MME Group Provides Corrosion Protection Solutions For Luxury Cruise Lines

- Feb 28, 2018-

The MME Group recently took over orders for the latest generation of luxury cruise ships built for the German MV WERFTEN shipyard to prevent corrosion and provide solutions to protect marine life. The "Global" and "Endeavor" luxury cruise ships built by MV WERFTEN shipyard will be equipped with various protection systems of the MME Group. glenflange


More recently, the MME Group has signed a contract to design, supply and commission sacrificial anodes (SA), impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) and applied current protection against sea for the Endeavor luxury expedition yacht (shipyard no. 124) for Crystal Cruises at the MV WERFTEN shipyard in Germany. Biological (ICAF) system protocol. It is understood that MV WERFTEN Shipyard and Crystal Cruises are Genting Hong Kong Limited, a subsidiary.glenflange


According to Eric Bouman, Sales Manager, Cathodes Protection and Marine Anti-Biosurgical Units (MGPS), a member of the MME Group, the MME Group has a wide range of experience in preventing corrosion and marine life on all types of ships, and the mailing of ships is no exception. We think signing these agreements is a natural next step for this market as the long-term safety and return on investment (ROI) of ships is crucial.