MITSUI Matsushita Ordered A LNG Power Tugboat

- Jan 30, 2018-

Japanese merchant Mitsui recently signed a construction contract for LNG power tug with Japan's Kanagawa Dockyard.


Merchant Mitsui introduction, the new ship is expected to start construction in February 2018, completed in February 2019, April launching. This will be the first MTR's tugboat equipped with an LNG powered engine and the first LNG powered tugboat in Japan to meet the IGF code requirements or the first LNG power tugboat in Japan with an aft LNG fuel tank on the aft open deck. Yanmar manufacturing.glenflange


The new boat will be delivered by Nihon Tug-Boat and will be deployed in Osaka Bay in April 2019. The LNG fuel on board will be supplied by Osaka Gas Company using a truck-to-ship fuel delivery system. Osaka Gas Co. and MOL Mitsui also plan to establish a ship LNG fuel supply system, which will be Osaka Bay's first LNG ship fuel supply system and will cooperate with the Osaka Prefectural Government Port and Port Authority to carry out LNG fuel supply development projects in Hanshin Port. glenflange


MOL Mitsui to Collaborate on Practical Research on LNG Tugboats with Removable and Portable LNG Fuel Tanks. The company has conducted various LNG related research, such as joint research on LNG power Capesize bulk carriers, approved LNG power 20,000 TEU container ships and LNG power coal carriers.