Minghua Singapore Signs Product Agency Agreement With Minghui Marine Electric

- Mar 21, 2018-

On March 14th,

Minghua (Singapore) Agency Co., Ltd. and Benghui Marine Pty Ltd (BENGHUI MARINE ELECTRIC PTE LTD) signed a product agency cooperation agreement at the site of the Asia-Pacific Maritime Exhibition in Singapore in 2018. The Minghua agent officially represented Minghui. Maritime Electric's LED lamp series products are sold in China and some Singapore markets.glenflange


Established in 1963, Minghui Marine Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. is a one-stop maritime and offshore electrical appliance supplier with a long history in Singapore. It has long served shipbuilding, ship repair, offshore oil and gas industry and other industries. The company has 22,000 square meters of warehouse in Singapore, more than 35 million SGD in integrated inventory and over 8000 varieties of products from international brand partners; also equipped with storage equipment, material processing equipment, electrical testing equipment, cable cutters and winding Line machines, production sites, and logistics offices have long provided customers with high-end technology certified maritime and offshore cables, lighting systems, and other multi-variety electrical products and installation services.


The signing of the cooperation agreement further enriched the product categories represented by the Minghua agent company, expanded the business scope, and expanded the development space. The two sides share the hope that through the signing of the cooperation agreement, they will give full play to their respective advantages and achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.glenflange


Ms. Jasmin, Director of Business Development, Minghui Marine Electric Co., Ltd. and Chief Engineer Feng Xingbo, General Manager of Marine Services Department of Minghua Agency, signed the agreement on behalf of the two parties respectively. Mr. Lin Xiangkuan, Chairman of Minghui Marine Electric Company, Mr. Chen Jianming, Director of Commercial Affairs, Mr. Tan Ming, Deputy Managing Director of Minghua, and Mr. Cai Weiguo, Executive Deputy General Manager, witnessed the signing ceremony.