Marine Jet Power New Asia Pacific Agent

- Mar 13, 2020-

Marine jet power (MJP), a manufacturer of water jet propulsion systems, recently announced that the company has designated firstbreak Ltd. of New Zealand as the official sales and service agent.

Under the terms of the new agreement, firstbreak Limited will provide regional support to MJP's customers, including parts supply and local services to shipyards and ship operators in New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

Firstbreak Limited has a long history in the shipping, oil and gas industries, led by Brent Paulsen, focusing on sales, marketing, manufacturing and supply chain, with offices in New Zealand, the United States, Australia and Singapore.

MJP said that expanding its sales and service network will expand its current coverage, enable it to provide more practical and localized customer experience, and provide better support and faster response time for new and existing customers.

Looking at the continued growth in the Asia Pacific region, Paul Hague, President of MJP Asia Pacific, said, "we opened an Asia Pacific Sales Office in Western Australia in early 2019, which is closely linked with many shipyards and fleet operators in the region. The establishment of sales and service agents in New Zealand will further strengthen our service capacity in the fast-growing Asia Pacific market. "