MARIC And LR Contracted To Use ShipRight FastTrack Design Software

- Mar 21, 2018-

It is reported that China Marine & Marine Engineering Design Institute (MARIC) has signed a license agreement with Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LR), the former will use the latter's ShipRight FastTrack software.


It is reported that ShipRight FastTrack software will assist ship designers in responding to the growing demand for finite element analysis (FEA). According to the latest International Association of Classification Societies and classification rules, the range of requirements for finite element analysis is continuously increasing. Early structural designers need to spend more time on finite element analysis.glenflange


The use of HL-Ship's ShipRight FastTrack software will save the time of the finite element analysis described above, and it can quickly generate qualified finite element mesh models from 2D/3D plans without excessive and expensive manual intervention. The post-processing will also be enhanced, the resulting map will be displayed quickly, and improved reporting capabilities will enable commercial ships and floating offshore installations to perform finite element analysis efficiently.glenflange


MARIC said, “I am very pleased to improve our design process with the help of LR's new design software, which can significantly save the time for the finite element analysis of the merchant ship. At present, we are designing a 180,000-ton bulk carrier. Level rules and processes require a lot of finite element analysis, especially for this particular ship type, so we decided to purchase Shipright FastTrack's license so that we can complete this design on time and avoid shipbuilding delays."glenflange


Luis Benito, president of LR Innovation Strategy and Research, pointed out that “Our ShipRight FastTrack was developed in cooperation with RaonX Solutions Co., Ltd. and is mainly used for shipbuilding company customer service challenges. We are pleased that China's leading ship design company will be able to use our products to improve. Its ship design efficiency."glenflange