- Aug 31, 2017-

Merged into one unit

Behind every product there stands the person who made

it. Over 85 employees contribute to the production of

components to the customers’ specifications every day.

In the field of CNC-maching, we focus on continuous

training and further qualification. In that way, we are

always ideally equipped to meet the ever-increasing

requirements of our customers.

Many complex workpieces require a lot of time and effort

for programming and subsequent machining. We are

ideally equipped to meet these requirements with our

twelve CNC carousel lathes, as well as our trained


Our CNC processing machines are real all-rounders: They

combine precision and speed with lots of options for the

carousel turning and the machining of everything from

single items to mass-produced series.

So that your production never comes to a stop, we can

guarantee the rapid processing and delivery of small

batches because of our ultra-flexible CNC processing

machines. We ourselves know just how annoying it is

when production stops because of a lack of components.

For that reason, our employees do their utmost every day

to accept even urgent orders and to deliver them

promptly as agreed.