Malaysia Forbids Ships To Use Open-loop Desulfurization Equipment

- Nov 28, 2019-

The latest news confirms that Malaysia has decided to ban the use of open-loop exhaust gas purification system (EGCS) for ships operating in its waters.

"Malaysia prohibits the discharge of sewage from the open-loop desulfurization system in the waters of Malaysia 12 nautical miles from the nearest land," the Malaysian maritime department said in a shipping circular

"Before entering Malaysian waters and ports, it is recommended to use low sulfur fuel oil or switch to closed-loop system mode (if mixed system)."

Another statement from the Ministry of transport of Malaysia said that from January 1, vessels flying the Malaysian flag and forced to use non-conforming fuel will need the approval of the Department, the port authority and the destination authority for purchasing non-conforming fuel.

Earlier, ports including Singapore, fujaila and, more recently, China made it clear that they would ban the use of open-loop desulfurization equipment in their waters