Malaysia Airlines MH370 Search Ship Bizarre -lost Connection

- Feb 07, 2018-

A few days ago, the missing search engine MH-MH370 passenger search was restarted, so that people concerned about the progress of the incident once again sparked hope. However, just as search work proceeded in an orderly fashion, a "mysterious event" took place. It is understood that, MH370 search ship suddenly disappeared from the radar for 80 hours.(welding overlay,flange,pipe spooling).

According to a comprehensive report by the British "Daily Mail", "The Sun" and Australian News Network, the search of Malaysia Airlines MH370 was restarted in January and search work was undertaken by Ocean Infinity. However, it is bizarre that the AIS (Automatic Identification System) equipped on the search ship suddenly disappeared from the radar system on January 31 and it was not known until after 80 hours to resume the connection.(welding overlay,flange,pipe spooling).


It is reported that seabed exploration company is expected to announce the latest search progress this week, but people are also very concerned about whether the company responded to the "Search for Vessels" event.

It is understood that March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur one hour later, suddenly lost contact with a total of 239 passengers on board, most of them Chinese citizens. On January 10, the Malaysian government signed a cooperation agreement with Ocean Infinity, a U.S. undersea exploration company, to restart the search for the MH370 lost-connected passenger plane. Search triggered the attention of the outside world.