Maersk: Svitzer Australia Data Theft Is An Isolated Incident

- Mar 21, 2018-

Maersk Group today announced that Svitzer Australia has announced the theft of data.


The Maersk Group stated that the emails of three Australian employees were automatically forwarded to two external email addresses between May 27, 2017 and March 1, 2018. The company immediately notified the Australian Information Commissioner of the incident.glenflange


Steffen Risager, head of Schweitzer Australia, said: “Our current priority is to ensure the safety of employees and we provide the highest level of assistance to affected employees.”


Schweitzer Australia Company discovered data were stolen on March 1, 2018. Within five hours, the company prevented the data from being stolen. The investigation showed that the incident was an isolated incident and only affected Schweitzer Australia. Maersk Group's other companies have not been affected. Schweitzer is part of the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group, but Schweitzer uses a different IT platform. The current data breach problem has no effect on Maersk employees. The incident occurred in May 2017 before the Maersk Group suffered an Internet virus attack. Regardless of the time of occurrence, the nature of the event or the goal, these two events are not necessarily linked.glenflange


Schweitzer Australia conducted a thorough investigation with forensic IT specialists to understand the circumstances of the incident, the scope of data theft, confirm the identity of the person who stole the data, and how Schweitzer Australia has strengthened system security.


Risager said: "We have adjusted our system monitoring strategy and included this type of data theft. We are working with Microsoft to increase system security."glenflange


Risager said to employees: "For all companies and individuals, system security is undergoing constant changes. We hope to communicate as soon as possible. However, we must first know what happened, the scope of data theft, and who We were affected and we communicated with our employees the first time after we had understood the detailed information.The survey is continuing and we will report further if we learn more relevant information.We can confirm that we can send and receive emails with Schweitzer Australia. It is safe to communicate. We are directly contacted by interested parties who are potentially affected by data theft."


Risager added: "This incident reminds us that everyone and every company are faced with a constant threat. The nature of cybercrime means that even if we can properly guard for 1,000 times, the offender needs only to succeed once to steal information. We will learn from this experience."

All relevant departments have already been contacted.