Maersk Line Responds That Maersk Honam Is Still Towing

- Apr 11, 2018-

One month after the container ship "Maersk Honam" was on fire, shippers were still waiting for when they could receive containers.PIPE FITTINGS


According to the Smit and Ardent reports received by AIS, the “Maersk Honam” was anchored at Muscat and there was almost no progress during the past week, but Maersk stated that the ship was not parked.

A Maersk spokesman said that the Maersk Honam was still towing and did not stop at Muscat. The next steps include docking the vessel, unloading at ports with appropriate facilities and capabilities, and hoping to call the port at Dubai’s Jebel Ali Port. Maersk said that the company’s customer service agents are still in touch with the affected customers.welding overlay


Maersk did not explain the reason for the delay and may not have obtained permission. In this regard, the shipping industry speculated on the reason for the delay in the arrival of Maersk Honam at the designated port of refuge, including the fact that the vessel was still “too hot” to be able to park, as well as differences on the terms of assistance.


The "Maersk Honam" of 15262TEU was loaded with 7860 TEUs and passed through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean Sea on March 6th. According to the Maersk Shipping website, all containers in the 1-3 cabins of the vessel were lost due to fire and water damage. The current results show that delays in cargo damage and goods will inevitably lead to a series of claims.