MAERSK HONAM Is Fire, 4 People Disappeared

- Mar 08, 2018-

MAERSK HONAM is fire, 4 people disappeared

According to media reports, on March 6, the large-scale container ship "MAERSK HONAM" hit a serious fire in the Arabian Sea.


Maersk Line’s announcement showed that the “MAERSK HONAM” had a serious fire in the cargo tank at 1520 hours on March 6. The ship was sailing from Singapore to Suez, Egypt.


Maersk Line said that the crew of "MAERSK HONAM" had disappeared while the remaining 23 crew members had evacuated to nearby ships and were in a safe state.

It is reported that "MAERSK HONAM" is currently located about 900 nautical miles southeast of Salalah, Oman, where the weather is in good condition.


Maersk Line said the fire situation is very critical. After the crew members tried to extinguish the fire, the crew members issued a distress signal and a total of 23 crew members were safely evacuated on board the nearby ship “ALS Ceres”. The ship was located nearby and arrived at the scene at about 18:30. However, there are still 4 crew members missing. The fire of "MAERSK HONAM" continued, and the status of the ship was very critical.


It is understood that the accident "MAERSK HONAM" loaded with 7,860 containers, the company will be in direct contact with all affected customers. In addition, the 27 crew members on board were 13 Indian crew members, 9 Filipino crew members, 1 Romanian crew member, 1 South African crew member, 2 Thai crew members and 1 British crew member.

Maersk Line said the other three nearby container ships "MSC Lauren", "Edith Maers" and "Gerd Maersk" have been heading for the incident and are expected to arrive in the early hours of March 7.


Maersk Line said it is still carrying out search and rescue operations for four missing crew members. Søren Toft, chief executive officer and member of the executive board of Maersk, said the company has called for the authorities and other ships in the area to assist search and rescue.


At the same time, Maersk Line said it is in the process of notifying all crew members of their relatives. The company said two crews are currently receiving medical emergency "ALS Ceres". Taking into account the current grim situation, the crew of MAERSK HONAM will be agreed to return home after disembarkation and will provide all support to the families of the missing crew.


It is understood that 15262TEU "MAERSK HONAM" was built in 2017, the captain of 353 meters, 54 meters wide, 12.5 meters draft, Singapore class, ABS classification.