Maersk Accident Ship Maersk Honam Arrives At Jebel Ali Anchorage

- Apr 26, 2018-

According to Maersk Line, the container ship Maersk Honam, which had suffered a serious fire, arrived at the anchorage outside Jebel Ali Harbor, United Arab Emirates, on April 24.


On March 6th, a fire broke out in the "Maersk Honam" cargo hold, which was located approximately 900 nautical miles southeast of Salalah, Oman. The boat fire was controlled by the Indian Coast Guard, but there are still several hot spots on board. Subsequent maritime towing and rescue operations were led by Smit Salvage and Ardent, the two best companies in the industry.


After careful assessment with the Port Authority of the region, Jebel Ali Port was selected as the most suitable port for the "Maersk Honan" berthing. During the period of anchorage, the remaining hot spots in the affected area of the ship will be completely removed, and further work such as stabilizing the vessel and delaying its entry into Hong Kong will be carried out. It is expected that this will take 4-5 weeks. The Maersk Honam will then initiate the unloading operation. slip on flanges


When the "Maersk Honam" caught fire, a total of 27 crew members were on board. After the fire broke out, 23 crew members evacuated to the nearby ALS Ceres and the remaining 4 crew members disappeared. On March 12th, three of the four missing crew members were found on the Maersk Honam. In addition, one evacuated crew member died because of rescue.


Maersk Line stated that the 22 crew members who had evacuated from the boat had returned home and were reunited with their families. The remains of the three people found on board were transferred to Mumbai, India. Currently, the government of Mumbai, India, is conducting identification work and conducting identity verification. Maersk Line stated that it is working closely with the authorities responsible for overseeing the identification process.90 deg elbow


Maersk Line is currently working with relevant agencies to conduct a comprehensive investigation to determine the cause of the fire. When the ship arrives at the port, the effects of the ship and the cargo will be further evaluated.


Maersk Line has previously confirmed that the "Maersk Honam" fire has caused very high costs for the berthing and unloading of the ship. The company had previously announced general average, and all parties with a financial interest in the voyage would apportion the losses caused by the incident. wn flange



Accident background


On Tuesday, March 6, 2018, at 15:20 GMT, Maersk Line’s container ship “Maersk Honam” reported a serious fire in its cargo bay. The crew put carbon dioxide on the cargo tanks, but the fire was not controlled. There were 27 crew members on the round. A total of 22 crew members were safely evacuated and evacuated. One crew member was unfortunately passed away after he evacuated. The remains of three of the missing four crew members were found on board the ship. rf flanges


The Maersk Honam was loaded with 7,860 containers, equivalent to 12,416 TEUs (20-foot containers). Maersk Line has directly contacted all affected customers.


The "Maersk Honam" was built in 2017 and has a design capacity of 15,262 TEU (20-foot TEU) and a Singapore flag.