Logic Software Won The Contract Of The Whole Fleet Of DESs Aquaculture

- Mar 27, 2020-

Norway's DESs aquaculture shipping company has signed a contract with logic company to deploy and use the Serica fleet management software.

With DESs aquaculture shipping joining the family using the software, a new Norwegian company has been added to logic's customer database.

According to the introduction, sertica is a technical fleet management software, which can provide an overview of the whole fleet. It is designed to obtain stable communication and data management between main offices and ships, and aims to optimize internal processes related to maintenance, procurement, hsqe and performance.

There are 12 Aqua ships in the fleet of DESs aquaculture shipping company, and the sertica software contract covers all ships. In addition, the company has a new large-scale shipbuilding project in progress, and more ship use software will be available soon, and sertica is expected to cover more than 30 ships. By March 2020, sertica will be fully implemented and used on all ships.